Christine Jiwon Ra is a multidisciplinary creative with a degree in Fashion Design and Fine Art from Parsons School of Design. As a citizen of South Korea, a permanent resident of Hong Kong, raised in England and Japan, and currently residing in New York, she takes an introspective and soulful approach to making cross-cultural references in her artwork. Her designs are rooted in critical thinking and redefining the traditional codes of dress through challenging the infrastructures that are entrenched in waste and inefficiency. Through linking her innovative textile experimentations with her unique cultural perspective, she continues to push the boundary between fashion design and academic discourse.



Parsons School of Design, BFA - Fashion Design, Fine Art


2021 |  La Nuit De L'Art festival VOL 09: REBOND by Tanthem, Ephemeral Gallery, NY

2021 |Metropolis in Stitches: Goodwill Evening of Treasures “Be Seen” Auction and Gala, New York, NY

2019 | Columbia University's Annual Korean Association Fashion Show, New York, NY
2017 | Head Stage Designer and Manager for March 2016 Charity Fashion Show, "The Innovation", HK
2015, 2016, 2017 | Designer of self-constructed garments for Fashion Shows "Couture", "Panache and "The Innovation", HK


2021 | CHASHAMA Gallery x 'Art To Ware', NY

2021 | Orenda Art Works

2019 | Split Ends: Hairrari, New York, NY


2021 | 11th Annual "CityScapes" Online Art Competition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery

2021 | 'Urban Sprawl' awarded TALI'S CHOICE: ArtisTTable's "Art in the Time of Corona" 

2021 | Open Art Show: Grey Cube Gallery 
2018 | Stalls Art Gallery, Glyndebourne Tour Art, England, UK

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